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It shows women doing shout out loud as part of Refer & Earn Program, affiliate marketing.

Earning additional cryptocurrency :

At this platform we have additional earning opportunity for every affiliate partners of this site. Apart from earning referral commissions, you will also earn additional income without any investment or work, all this for free. To do this earnings all you need to do is join as affiliate and as usual do your affiliate work to earn referral commissions and side by side you will start earning cryptocurrency through this earning program for doing nothing. Click here and know more..

Your refer & earn commissions:

Introduce ‘Gpayin Refer & Earn Program’ Affiliate Program where anyone wish to earn referral commissions can join us.

You will be earning a fix 4000 USD $ or USDT (crypto) as commissions for referring each person. So, the more you refer the more you earn.
Whether you are an affiliate marketer, content creator, influencer who can promote through social media, or anyone who is interested in earning extra income, are welcome to join us and earn affiliate commissions.


  1. Click link and get sign-up at Gpayin site to open your account. (Optional, Signup through this link only when you wish to earn additional cryptocurrency as explained above).
  2. Click at link & get sign-up at affiliate program of Gpayin. To login at affiliate dashboard. Click here.

Example image of affiliate commissions accumulated at dashboard:

How often affiliates earn commissions?

We are a crypto trading and crypto payment solution company. As your referred member joins this platform, they buy, sell, hold, or transfer cryptocurrency to some other users. In short they do transactions of sending cryptocurrencies.

So, for every transactions done by your referred members, you will earn 1 $. So for up-to total 4000 transactions they do, you will earn 4000 US$ or Usdt. After that you will start receiving 2 x commissions on any further transactions they do. So over all, 4000 + US$ or Usdt will be your earnings from each referred member. This earnings is a kind of passive income, since your referred members will continuously use our outstanding services.

Whom you will refer?

You can refer anyone, refer your family friends, refer people from social media, refer crypto traders who buy & sell cryptocurrencies.

How we release payments ?

Every time any of your referrals do transactions using their account, do crypto trading, you will find 1$ getting accumulated at your affiliate account dashboard. So, accordingly when the threshold of 100 USD get accumulated. We will start paying commissions part by part accordingly, until you receive all your commissions. Note: all of your earnings will be available at your affiliate account dashboard.

Various ways to refer:

There are various method of promoting affiliate link and getting peoples to join as referred members. Method such as Instagram influencer collaborations, website/blog promotion, YouTube videos creations & reviews, social media marketing, email marketing, content creation, webinars and podcasts etc.. Below laid down are some of the simple task one can do to refer unlimited members.

Follow any or all of the below task( Not mandatory):

Task 1: Doing signups and making others to join this site.

This method is one of the most simplest method to refer unlimited people. All you need is to follow below process of signups using email ids of other people. This can also be call as inviting people to join Gpayin.

  1. First get signup from both above affiliate link. Next, get your referral affiliate id from your dashboard.
  2. First thing is, to start this task you will need as many emails ids of various people. Create the list of email ids by yourself or get it from any other users of the site. Click here and find any users who can provide you a huge list of email ids for free.
  3. Now at google search bar, enter your referral affiliate id link and search it. You will be take down to my account page. At my account page, find signup register section.
  4. Now, get any random email id from the email list and enter it at register section of page along with any random password, click register button and make the given email get register at this site. Sign-out and again enter your affiliate link at search bar and search it again. Now use another email id and follow the same process of registering at the same page. Repeat this process again and again. This way you can use as many email ids and make unlimited registers through the given signup page. So as you use this method of signup, all those people who are the owner of those emails ids, automatically becomes your referred members.
  5. Next, copy paste and send below message to all those email ids and inform them about their registration.
  6. Click and find the message here.

There many of our affiliates who use this method to make many people get register at this site. By doing this they make thousands of people join this site as their referred members and earn huge earnings. Apart from receiving email ids from other users, there are various ways to find unlimited email ids of different persons like searching various websites “contact” pages and getting email ids from there. Google this term “email ids list of cryptocurrency”, “email ids of crypto”, “email ids list pdf “. Using this terms you may find many list of emails. Can also use your own technique of find email ids.

Task 2: Posting message at social media.

Earn cryptocurrency as referral commissions by doing posting task at any social media cryptocurrency groups, forums of related groups.

  1. Copy the below message.
  2. Add your referral I’d at message.
  3. Now, frequently post the copied message at any social media cryptocurrency groups, cryptocurrency forums etc.
  4. Doing so, if people get sign-up through your referral link, you will start earning referral commissions as per the system.



No work, no investment, no mining, no staking, join Gpayin crypto payments exchange and earn cryptocurrency for free. Find more here- My referral id- (add your referral id here). 


Note: One can also create and post their own messages. Message can be related to this site and it’s benefit on joining.

Task 3: Posting at websites, blogs:

If you can do blogging, or has website, or can do guest blog, then check the posted content – medium post.

This content explains about referring and inviting people to join Gpayin. You can copy the whole medium blog post content from given link and add it as content at your blog, website etc. Note that, at the end of your referral id, you will find unique numbers.

Copy that whole numbers and substitute it with 5 at below URL.

Refer & Earn

This will be your new affiliate referral id that redirects to “refer and earn program page”. So remember to add this affiliate referral id to the medium post content.

We give full right to user’s of this website to copy the given content and reuse it for the purpose of referring people at Gpayin.

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