Process of uploading crypto selling offers.( peer to peer trading platform ):

From this link first get sign-up as trader, if you have already signed-up as trader then click here and ‘sign-in ‘ to Dashboard’ and go to your trader account. In there you create your offers by following process as shown at below images from 1 to 7.

( Img no. 1 ) Click ‘Products’ then ‘All Products’, then click ‘Add New’.

Img no. 2) After clicking ‘Add New’ At title, add a short title name of product (as example written at image as ‘Jeans’).( option)

( Img no. 3) As shown at image, copy and paste below text template at description.

Country – …, My username …., I sell ‘crypto name’, offer price : …., Min/ max buy: ………, payment accepted: …….,

( Img no. 4) Now edit the text description by adding your country, username, offer details etc. (Note: Since the value of crypto fluctuates very offen therefore, always remember to edit & adjust the offer price according to the value of crypto).

( Img no. 5) At category choose any or Buy Bitcoins, Buy Litecoins, Dogecoins etc as per your requirement.

( Img no. 6) Next, At the “Publish Tab”, click on “Edit at Catalog Visibility”, select “Hidden” and click “OK” button.

Image explains about how sellers can post, upload their e-commerce items, downloads on a press of publish button

( Img no. 7) Finally hit on ” Publish” button and publish your listing offer. To check your live listing, click this link Buy Cryptocurrencies. and in there, search by your “username”. You will find your new offer on the list.

Once listing is done go back to

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