Trackr Crypto Currency Airdrop Raffle Draw.


Participate at cryptocurrency raffle draw (Trackr) to hit big win. It’s a new cryptocurrency that has been launched by Gpayin and is available for use at this site.

Participate at cryptocurrency raffle draw eligibility & two steps to receive Trackrcoin –

Sign-up here at this site and receive 100 Trackr coins within 48hrs at your account. ( Note: if not received, contact admin at messenger, available at your account dashboard). In future this coin will run on the Ethereum blockchain with standard ERC 20 and is limited to a maximum of 21 million Trackr tokens.

Once you receive your coins, keep it in your account until we launch Trackr ERC 20 in future. We expect more and more people join us and hold this coins, thereby the value of coins will get increases. In future as the value increases and we do listing at major exchanges like Binance, Coinbase Exchange etc, you can use those coins for hold, buy or sell it for profits or do payments etc. In future, to list your Trackr selling offers at our marketplace, click here. Marketplace.

Want More Trackrcoins?

Then participate at below raffle draw, where one can win a huge jackpot to win Trackr. ( this is an option, only for those who can join as affiliate).

Follow below process of joining and referring people to get eligible for raffle draw.

1 step: Go to this link, read the whole page and get sign up as affiliate member. After sign-up go to account affiliate dashboard, in there find ‘creative’ tab, get your unique referral link from there.

2 nd step: Click this link and message admin, that you are interested in joining “Trackr raffle draw”.

3 rd step: Once affiliate signup is done, follow below process of referring people.

In order to get eligible at raffle draw, It is mandatory to refer 7 people, therefore start posting this message & referral link at any social media.

(Note: as you sign-up, you become an affiliate, therefore apart from getting trackrcoins, you will also earn 4000 USD/ USDT as lifetime time affiliate commissions on referring each person).

Raffle Draw :-

Below is the raffle draw to win unlimited crypto currencies. At the time when we announce the draw winners, there will many winners, winning billions of dollars worth of Trackr crypto currency.

Just like bitcoin our community will mint approx 21,000,000 coins and issue it through below raffle draw part by part.( as shown at image chart).

So, signup now and get eligible to participate at raffle draw.

Source:- Bitinfocharts.

One can notice that the above structure of raffle draw distribution chart represents the same distributed patten of bitcoins that is presently distributed and is in circulation among users all over the world. Means the total number people holding bitcoins as shown above is..

3229728 people are holding 0.00000481 satoshi’s each.

8756004 people are holding 0.00004319 satoshi’s each.

and so on…

Therefore we use the same pattern to distribute Trackr through raffle draw. By doing so the coins will get distributed as per the pattern of actual bitcoin distribution. Thereby increasing it’s value be same as of bitcoins.

As Per The Raffle Draw –

Each 4 person will be a winner to receive 173,326.50000000 Trackr coins.
Each 111 person will be a winner to receive 20,836.00900900 Trackr coins.
Each 1907 person will be a winner to receive 2,391.95752491 Trackr coins.
And so on each one will receive more or less coins depending on who’s name appears in which slab of draw.

Note – The above model of raffle draw and distribution of coins is according to the latest circulated pattern of bitcoin in circulation and total number of wallet address holding bitcoin currencies( source:- Bitinfocharts).
E. g,. As of latest figure, out of all 21000000 btc there are four billionaires wallet address holding 693,306 btc, making the the richest wallet address(holder) and the individual or business entity holding it are richest crypto billionaires. And many other are who holds small quantities of satoshi’s.

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