Miscellaneous Offers.

At this platform, buyers of any online items, digital downloads, e-books etc..can find various miscellaneous offers listed by sellers.

Payments :

For dealing with sellers, crypto payments can be done using any online crypto wallets, exchanges or can use our wallet account at this site.

Steps to Buy :

  1. Click on the below Category and select ‘ Miscellaneous’. For specific search, check below ‘search bar’ and find specific offers. E. g., online items, fashions, arts collectibles, nfts, electronic etc..
  2. Then check the list of offers.
  3. Once you find the best offer, copy & note down the username of seller, available at given offer.
  4. Then click on below ‘Contact’ button to contact seller by direct messaging. At messenger find the seller by copied username and send them below message :- ‘I want to deal’

Then very soon you will receive response from seller for further process of buying.


List of users who has account at this site.-

kamaljitbaishya9@gmail.com pingaledeva@gmail.com welcomelalit2012@gmail.com mmsbusiness2011@gmail.com alokbiswal788@gmail.com mazire10@gmail.com raju.dhide@gmail.com zubair.m85@gmail.com amitkotwal@gmail.com amitkotwal786@gmail.com harshal.mahajan3@gmail.com ravi.choudhary913@gmail.com rosemarie_labador@yahoo.com gokula.hembram76@gmail.com guptamahender7@gmail.com subhashadepu14@gmail.com shaikbabujaan007@gmail.com davinder72@gmail.com harish.business999@gmail.com r69mel@gmail.com harish.youthcong@gmail.com reallife.patnacity@gmail.com amalanb34@gmail.com manish4908@gmail.com deepak.s.r01@gmail.com mokshitha18042016@gmai.com samantk78@gmail.com singhagenciesajmer@gmail.comprativad@gmail.com nareshKumar1010n@gmail.comvikasking94@gmail.com amanmmmworld@gmail.com jobguru16@gmail.com ipunjab0@gmail.com shibayanrc@gmail.com hardeep.lakhina123@gmail.comkaran.wasal@gmail.com vivanhomeocare@gmail.com pujaramm1951@gmail.com kishorebandham@gmail.com bsunilkumar501@gmail.com akikkuru@gmail.com maheshgoud183@gmail.com chinnakotlavinod369@gmail.com      abdulzawed786@gmail.com saptarshimasid@gmail.com maheshakkala1994@gmail.com saifk5704@gmail.com psri260192@gmail.com


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Click on submit button to message seller.


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Username: carebfresh

Buy Nft, CatBox_icon 59
Current price
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Bids: 30 Bidding History
Available currencies: ETH
Holders of this item can: Posting item images to SNS, Setting item images as SNS icons.


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Process of listing crypto selling offers and also miscellaneous offers :

For seller who wants to sell any thing and receive payments in cryptocurrency can list their products and sell at this platform. Items can be anything like second hand products arts, Nfts, download digital products, e-books, online products etc. Follow the process of listing offers of selling items as shown at below image. We don’t charge any fees for selling. (Tips: list your items in a same way as other sellers does). Note: If any buyer intrested in buying products, you will receive a message from such buyer for further deal.

Process to list your offer:

Click here ‘sign-in and go to ‘ Vendor Dashboard’. In there create your offers by following process as shown example at below images from 1 to 7.

( Img no. 1 )Click ‘Products’ then ‘All Products’, then click ‘Add New’.

( Img no. 2) After clicking ‘Add New’ , at title, add a short title name of product (as example written at image as buy shirt) .

( Img no. 3)Add short description as shown at image. Enter your username country, describe what product you want to sell etc

( Img no. 4) At category choose ‘Miscellaneous’ category.

( Img no. 5) Next, At the publish tab, click on ‘Edit at Catalog Visibility’, select ‘Hidden’ and press OK button.

Image explains about how sellers can post, upload their e-commerce items, downloads on a press of publish button

( Img no. 6) Finally hit on publish button and publish your listing. To check your live listing, search by your Username. You will find your new offer on the list.

For support contact admin at messenger, available at your account dashboard. Find by Username: admin

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