Gpayin Receive Bitcoin Program.

Welcome to the Gpayin program. The most exciting way to earn Bitcoins.

Receive Bitcoin program is here to offer you an incredible opportunity to receive free bitcoins satoshi. We have started a promotional activity where we are giving away bitcoins to those who participate at this ‘Receive Bitcoin program program’.

Whether you’re an experienced Bitcoin enthusiast or just starting your crypto journey, this program is absolutely free & open to everyone, eager to participate.

What is Bitcoin private key?

Bitcoin private key is a secret code or a long string of numbers and letters that is mathematically linked to your Bitcoin address. It is essentially a password that gives you ownership and control over your Bitcoins.

When you create a Bitcoin wallet, a pair of keys is generated: a private key and a public key. The private key is kept secret and should never be shared with anyone, while the public key is shared freely and serves as your Bitcoin address.

The private key is crucial because it allows you to digitally sign transactions, proving that you are the rightful owner of the Bitcoins associated with your address. It is used to access and manage your Bitcoins, such as sending them to others or signing for their transfer to another wallet.

How to participate? What is the method?

This method is all about sending emails to random people and getting eligible for receiving Bitcoins private key from company.
By participating you will receive private key of bitcoin. This private key will contain 2 $ to 3$ worth of Bitcoin satoshi in its wallet address. Every time you send 20 emails to different people, you would receive 2$ to 4$ Bitcoins satoshi. So the more emails you send the more bitcoins you would receive.

E. g., In a day if you send 20 * 20 = 400 emails you could receive 2 $* 20 = 40$ worth of Bitcoins.

Steps to follow:

1st step: Get sign-up at this site.

2nd step: Create a list of random email ids. If you already have list of email ids that will be great.

3rd step: Select 10 to 20 email ID from the list, copy below message and send it to those email ids. Remember to enter your referral Id in the message.

Note: Frequently send message to unlimited peoples, unlimited number of times.

4th step: You can also frequently post the below message, at any social media like Facebook groups, Instagram etc. (Note: in this case remember to insert your email Id along with referral id in the message. We recommend you to insert any non personal email Id. This is required so that you will receive bitcoin private key from those people, at your email id).


Copy and use below message for sending emails & posting at social media:

Hi, I came across a website of bitcoin earnings where one can earn unlimited cryptocurrency by participating at, Receive Bitcoin program’,. It’s free to participate.
Therefore, I have emailed you about the opportunity, so that you can also participate at it and receive bitcoins & satoshi’s from company.
All you need to do is, click below link and go to Gpayin site, get sign-up for free. You will receive an instruction email from company. Follow the instructions. So that you can start receiving Bitcoin private keys.

Click here and participate-


How you will receive bitcoin private key?

As you send the email to number of peoples or do posting at social media. Many people showing interest in joining the program, will get sign-up’s at Gpayin, As they sign-up you will be rewarded as follows.

For every 20 emails send to different people, you would receive 2$ to 4$ Bitcoins satoshi in the form of private key.

Though email, company will send that private key to those 20 people, in broken parts along with arrangement instruction, and inform them to forward the email to you. So all of them will forward the message to you. Notice that since broken part of private key is send to them, therefore they cannot know what the whole private key is.

So, once you receive those broken part of keys arrange it as instructed to make it whole private key.

Now, get any offline or online wallets like Exodus, where you can import Bitcoin private key and immediately import the keys. ( check the below image explanation).

Transferring Bitcoins at your personal wallet address:

As you receive the private keys, and you import it to any given wallet. Remember to immediately transfer those Bitcoins, at any other wallet address of yours and make sure your Bitcoins are safe in that wallet. Do not share the private key of that wallet, where you transferred your Bitcoins.

Why sending of private keys through email ?

Company could give Bitcoin directly to participants on doing email marketing, but uses the indirect method of giving because this is a kind of system where participants are doing email marketing for company. Company uses this indirect method of giving, to make sure participants regularly sends bulk emails, and those people who receives emails are genuine. And it also makes sure that email marketing done by the the participants are also genuine and one cannot fake sending of emails( cheating) and get benefit of receiving Bitcoins from company.

Explanation with image:

  1. You sent message to Mr A & B. After reading your message, they get sign-up at site.
  2. Since they got sign-up, you will be paid for it. So company decides to give you 3$ worth of Bitcoins.
  3. As per the system method, instead of sending you those bitcoin satoshi directly, it uses the indirect method of sending Bitcoin’s private key through email.
  4. As shown at image the whole private key is- b04mO5afa3dc6ad138amd0dMaK1d94306fbc32acb3d67bc093936861ccc48769
  5. As shown at image, boken private key send to Mr A& B – b04mO5afa3dc6ad138amd0dMaK1d943, 06fbc32acb3d67bc09936861ccc48769
  6. As shown above, company then breaks the private key into two parts, and sends it to two different email ids of Mr A& B. This way Mr A & B. Since Mr A& B don’t no each other, therefore they cannot find or know the whole private key.
  7. Now, company ask them to forward those broken private keys to you by email.
  8. As instructed by company, they send you those broken part private key. You arrange them as instructed by company and immediately import it to your personal wallet.
  9. Note that, as explained above you receive Bitcoins for sending emails to 20 people. In this example, instead of taking 20 people, we have taken 2 people Mr A & B, to make the explanation easier.

How to send emails?

Get your list of email ids. Go to your Yahoo or Gmail or any email sending account. Open ‘compose message’ and as usual send above message to unlimited number of peoples. Note : Gmail & yahoo has got limits on sending of emails per day somewhere between 400 to 500 email sending per day. So try to send that many emails per day. As an option, one can also use paid email marketing services for better results.

Note: the available opportunity is an email marketing method introduce by company. Your job will be to send emails to at least 20 people to receive Bitcoin satoshi’s worth 2$ to 4 $. But there no surety whether you will receive it or not. It all depends on those 20 people who must follow whole process of joining, receiving broken private keys, and then, all of them sending the private key to you, failure by them to do so, would keep you from receiving Bitcoins. But still many are trying it you may also try your luck by frequently sending emails and are getting successful in having Bitcoins private keys from 20 people and more.

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