An opportunity to find Bitcoins private key and own it.

We found an interesting way to find unlimited Bitcoins privatekey and its wallet address which contains bitcoins and satoshi’s.
We found that for some private key & it’s associated wallet address, there is certain word phrase or sentence linked with it.

The secret is there are billions of such privatekey and its wallet address is created using certain words, phrase or sentences by some anonymous crypto enthusiast, from all around the world . Amazing fact is those wallet address contains real bitcoin and satoshi’s or any other cryptocurrency in it. Some of those wallets are active, some of them are at dormant.

The exciting part is, we got a huge list of those words, phrases or sentence linked to those private key & wallets. then we can easily find those abandoned, dormant cryptocurrency balance private keys and own it.

Proof that such words & sentences exist:

‘ satoshi’ is one of such words.

Go to any sha256 hash or click here sha256 generator.
Copy & enter word ‘ satoshi ‘ at box and click generate button.
You will find below hash been created.


Copy the hash and go to
At bitaddress home page, click on ‘ Wallet Details ‘. Then, enter the copied hash at ‘ Enter Private Key’. Click ‘View Details’.
You will find a below wallet address being generated.


Now, copy the wallet address and explore it at
Find the activity of wallet address.
In there you will see the wallet was active and was having certain balance.

But someone who secretly know this method, or owner of wallet itself, might have taken all the satoshi’s and emptied the wallet address.
This proves that someone played with word ‘satoshi’ and created private key & wallet address back in year from 2015 to 2019 since this is the year when cryptocurrency was added and moved from given wallet.

This way there are millions of such wallets address and private key, created by using various words, phrase or sentences.

Method of finding those certain words, phrase or sentences :

As mentioned above we have found the technique of finding those certain words, phrase or sentences. Also we got a huge list of those words containing Bitcoins private key.
With this technique we have already transferred many satoshi’s in our wallet.
So, by using this same method you can also find unlimited bitcoins Ethereum, Litecoins or satoshi’s.
Now we want our members also get the opportunity of finding cryptocurrency using this method. Therefore we are giving away those list and technique to many lucky person who join this giveaway cryptocurrency promotion.

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