What is Ergps?
Ergps stands for CBDC e Rupee merged with cryptocurrency. It a type of payment solution
where one doesn’t need to pay any fees while sending and receiving payments. Send payment instantly, securely, anonymously.

What is Gps?
Gps stand for Gpayin payment system, where one can send and receive payments, instantly, securely, anonymously. To take the benefit of this payment system, receiver/ seller has to pay 1% fees. Anyone from all around the globe can join this payment system. In this payment system, there is additional benefit for each and every users, where they can earn extra income in the way of earning transaction fees.

What is CBDC e Rupee merged with cryptocurrency?
This is type of method, where any cryptocurrencies can be transferred to anyone any where, instantly, securely, anonymously… by using CBDC e Rupee transfer system. This system is used at ergps.

What are the requirements to join and start sending and receiving payments?
Any one 18+ yrs of age can sign-up, deposit funds follow the system and start selling, holding, trading, do payments etc.

What is my account? we’re I can find my deposited funds?
After sign-up, one can go to your account and check the balance of crypto funds available. Vendors have additional dashboard for uploading their offers, which can be found here.

How to sign up for affiliate?
Click at the given link and get sign-up at affiliate program. By joining affiliate program, one can earn fixed 4000$ as affiliate commission on each referred person. At affiliate dashboard one can find all commissions report transactional history etc.

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