Email message to new register members.

Use this as subject – Inviting you to earn cryptocurrency for free at Gpayin cryptocurrency exchange.

Use this below message:

Hi, I am glad to introduce you about Gpayin cryptocurrency trading exchange company. It has started a “earn crypto program for free “ an opportunity to earn bitcoins and many other cryptocurrency for free.

You are being the owner of given email id, has got selected and you got a new already opened account at Gpayin, by the process of registration done by affiliates. This account is for free, so you will not be paying any fees or do any investments.

As per the ” earn crypto program” now or in future you would earn unlimited cryptocurrency at your opened account and it may already contain Bitcoins in it, earned by you. You can login to your account and check it.

To login to your account, you will need password.

To get your password and activate your account, click this link and fill the form-

Once you get your password, login to your account by same and check whether you receive any Bitcoin or any other crypto in it. Find details at “Transactions” .

How you earn cryptocurrency?

Gpayin company distribute 50% commission earn fees through “ earn Crypto program “ to every users who has account at this site. So you also get eligible to earn this income.

Note that if you don’t login to your account and do activation process, your account will automatically get deleted within one month and you will lose all your earnings. So its up to you whether you want to have this account and earn income for free or not.

You can also check details about earning program here –


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