Earn cryptocurrency for free without investment.

A system of earnings with zero investment:

Introducing an innovative crypto rewards program called as ‘Earn Crypto Program’ that offers a distinctive method to earn 50% commissions in popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins, Ethereum, Tether, BNB, Cardano, and more on a regular basis.

Benefits of having account at this site:

Once you activate your account by following below process, you will start receiving your earned cryptocurrency as explained below. Note that the same opened account can also be used for holding, buy/ sell do crypto trading, sending and receiving of crypto to any other user of this site etc. Check the home page for details.

Activation of your account:

If you got an email about your registration to this site. Means someone has invited you and made you registered at this site so that you enjoy free earnings of cryptocurrency through this program explain below.

Read below explanations and understand what the system and earnings is all about. After reading, if you like this opportunity and are interested in activating your account then follow below process by clicking the activation link. Important to note that if you don’t activate your account, it will automatically get deleted within 2 to 3 months.

  1. Click here and activate your account. Upon activation you will also receive Trackr coins which is our own future cryptocurrency.

Your earnings and withdrawals:

All of your earnings will get accumulated at your account which can be withdrawn using below withdrawal form. Note that the same opened account can also be used for holding, buy/ sell, sending and receiving of crypto anytime. Check the home page for details.

How method works? How you will start earning?

We are experiencing exponential growth in our user base, with thousands and tens of thousands of new users joining our company and opening their accounts. Just like you those users join our platform and create their personal accounts, becoming part of our thriving community. The primary activity of users engage in is the seamless execution of cryptocurrency transactions, involving the transfer and reception of digital assets In other words they do daily transactions, involving the sending and receiving of cryptocurrencies. As they conduct these transactions, you have the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency through our ‘50% transaction fees earning program.’

Just to incentivize on your participation, we have established this free earnings program.’ Under this initiative, you have the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency based on the fees generated by other users transactions.

As other users utilize their accounts to send and receive cryptocurrencies, a percentage of the transaction fees incurred is allocated to you as a reward. ( as explained below G numbers system and earnings).
This program allows you to accumulate cryptocurrency earnings over time, enabling you to benefit from the growth and activity within our user community.

Receiving G numbers:

Once you do sign-up, initially you will receive multiple of G numbers, and over time, we will provide you with up to 10000 + exclusive G numbers. These G numbers serves as unique identifiers specifically for you. It follow a format such as 0.184237845, 0.00478512, 1.47891568, 234, 1257, 3.00256478. To check your received G numbers, click given link and search by your username. Click here.

Explanation with example :

How we pay 50% commissions:

As users continue to perform transactions on our platform, we charge them a transaction fee of 0.5% on the total amount of cryptocurrency they send. The total fees we earn from each transaction are divided, and we pay you 50% of the earned fees (0.5%) as a transaction fee commission.

Here’s an example 1 to illustrate the process:

As an example let suppose, from out of 10000 G numbers allotted to you, one of your G number is: 0.01000000

Now, at sometime Mr A & B (some other users) at this platform decides to do transactions using their accounts. So, Mr A sends 0.01000000 btc to Mr B’s account. Since your assigned G number is equal to the 0.01000000 btc transaction taken place therefore, at messenger Mr A will send a message to you informing you about your received commissions. The message will be something like this- ‘ You earned commission’.

Once you recive message, with few hrs your commission will be available at your account dashboard.

Calculation of commission earnings will be,

0.01000000 btc * 0.5% = 0.00005000 btc we earned as fees on one transactions.
Your commission of 50% on 0.00005000 btc.
0.00005000 * 50% = 0.00002500 btc will be your total earnings on just one transaction done by someone else.

Example 2 of earnings:

Another example let suppose, we allotted you another G number 0.08204000

Now, let suppose in a given month 100 different users uses 0.08204000 btc to do sending transactions from their accounts, to some other users accounts. Here, 0.08204000 btc is equal to your assigned G number 0.08204000

So, you will receive messages at messenger, from 100 different users, as they will inform you about your commission earnings.

Your earnings in a given month will be,

0.08204000 btc * 0.5% *100= 0.04102000 btc we earned as fees on 100 transactions.
Your commission of 50% on 0.04102000 btc.
0.04102000 * 50% = 0.02051000 btc will be your total earnings.


  1. Here we have explained commissions using btc and about your earnings of btc, but you could also earn Ethereum, Tether, BNB, Cardano etc, depending on which cryptocurrency users uses to do transactions.
  2. To participate at this earning program, you don’t have to do any extra investments or fees. Therefore it is called as a system of earnings with zero investment or work.

Transparency of this method:

We use a method of messaging. Anytime whenever any other users does transactions they send short information message to commission receiver( you) informing you about entitlement of commission receiving. By adopting this messaging approach, we guarantee that you will consistently receive your commissions directly into your account. This system eliminates any ambiguity or uncertainty, as the transaction makers themselves take the responsibility to notify you of your earned commissions through the messaging platform.

This method reinforces the trust and reliability of our commission distribution process. It serves as evidence that our system operates in a fair and accountable manner.

Passive Income:

By participating in our commission structure, you have the opportunity to generate a passive income stream that can last a lifetime. As numerous users continue to engage in transactions on our platform, your earning potential remains consistent and ongoing.

The commission structure we’ve outlined ensures that you can earn commissions on a regular basis, as explained earlier. With a growing user base and a steady flow of transactions, your passive income will continue to accumulate over time. Each transaction presents an opportunity for you to earn commissions, contributing to the sustainability and longevity of your earnings.

We understand the importance of creating a reliable and enduring passive income source. That’s why we have designed our commission system to provide a continuous stream of earnings, allowing you to benefit from the activities of our user community for years to come.

Take advantage of this opportunity to establish a lasting source of passive income. Join us today and start earning commissions that will continue to support you throughout your lifetime. Don’t miss out on the potential for long-term financial growth and stability offered by our platform.

Earned crypto & withdrawals:

All the earned commissions through the program will get accumulated at your account dashboard. For withdrawal, you can use below form of withdrawal.

Note: The figures and earnings shown above are just for explanation purpose only. Earnings can depend on many factors like, how much cryptocurrencies got transacted, type of cryptocurrency the users are using to do transactions etc.

Withdrawals :

Any time, if you want to withdraw any amount of cryptocurrency from your account, fill this form.

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